September 2017

With a transient workforce is there still team spirit?

Recently I was asked to attend a manufacturer’s sales meeting. And as I sat there I felt like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day.”

How to Enable Sales Reps to Win Over the C-Suite

C-level pitches are nerve rattling and require a different approach, preparation and mindset. But, they are also crucial for long-term sales success and for bigger, more lucrative deals. Here are some key insights for selling to C-level executives.

The Bonding Power of Travel

As the former chair and CEO of the global hotel and travel company Carlson, Marilyn Carlson Nelson has spent a lifetime helping companies enhance relationships with employees and clients through incentive travel experiences. We spoke with her recently about the power of travel to build strong bonds. A lot has changed in the travel industry over the past several decades, but Carlson says in many ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Re-Engineering Your Revenue Supply Chain to Avoid the ‘Amazon Effect’

If you’re a salesperson, you know exactly what the “Amazon Effect” is – and how it feels when a competitor sweeps in and steals your business. To counter this macro change in buyer behavior, companies that rely on B2B sales are re-engineering their revenue supply chain. As with any supply chain, the trick to optimizing it is finding the constraints and removing them

How To Track and Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

Online marketers should have every little scrap of data they can find when overhauling or fine-tuning their lead generation websites. There are times when the information they’re missing can be more important than the information they have.

Tech Brainpower at Your Fingertips

Testing and launching your brilliant ideas
Are you that business pro who just thought of this incredible way to get a load of new business?

The Other Second Cities

Team meetings provide great bonding moments, and I have enjoyed business travel with colleagues in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and New York. I have not been able to make recent events in San Antonio, Nashville and New Orleans, and that’s disappointing. These so-called second-tier cities offer unique experiences...