May 2018

The Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Your Lead in Person

Most people in sales agree that meeting a prospect face-to-face is preferable to connecting through email or over the telephone. However, in-person meetings aren't failproof. Be mindful of these dos and don'ts to make the most of them.

Engaging B2B Customers Through Immersive Experiences

Tapping in to the experiential trend is essential for building a brand, engaging B2B customers, and driving sales. Follow these three key steps to plan and implement immersive experiences that engage your B2B customers and transform sales.

6 Steps to Improve Your Go-To-Market Maturity

There’s a strong correlation between beating revenue targets and go-to-market maturity. Here's how to improve in that area.

What Successful Cold Email Campaigns Have in Common

Cold emailing works when it’s done right. Many salespeople just aren’t sure what "doing it right" actually means. Try starting with these strategies that the most successful cold email campaigns have in common.

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Help Your Business

Facebook marketing is a must for any business that wants to achieve marketing strategy goals. Using Facebook allows you to improve customer service, reduce marking costs and optimize your brand. Here are some simple yet vital tips to encourage sales on your page.

Sales Enablement Defined

When sales and marketing leaders have a clear understanding of what sales enablement is, the results can be astounding.

Hack #4: Framing & Anchoring

Pre-suasion relies on two key psychological tools: framing and anchoring. Think of anchoring when you see a shirt you like, and the tag has $280 crossed out with the number $95 in red below it. A great deal. You buy it. You saved $185. Or did you? What if the shirt was marked at $95 with no discount – would you have paid $95 without the discount?

21st Century Cold Calling: Why Yesterday’s Approach Is Relevant Today

Not only is cold calling alive and well, it’s more important than ever before. However, performed correctly, a cold call isn't "cold" at all.

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Picturing business as a poker hand

Armed with a list of hands her brother scratched out on a napkin, Annie Duke cut her teeth in the world of poker at a daily game with a rogue cast of characters in Billings, Montana. By the time she retired from the professional poker circuit six years ago, Duke had amassed more than $4 million in tournament earnings and a World Series of Poker bracelet.