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The most efficient way to solve the problem is to dedupe datasets and go behind the limit line again, but it doesn’t save you from making a much bigger CRM damage. Here are six reasons why duplicates in your CRM and marketing automation platform may cost you a fortune.

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Preparing to focus

Sales professionals, management types and overburdened workhorses, this message is for you. You may think you’re God’s gift to multitasking, but the 60,000-year-old human brain in your cranium has not evolved for multitasking. It is best at focusing on one thing at a time and moving back and forth between different issues quickly.

Micro Coaching Videos with Tim Hagen

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4 Steps to Better Strategic Content Development

Everything starts with content, but you can't generate content for the sake of churning out content. Here is a four-step approach to developing stronger content.

3 Keys to Effective Sales Teams in the Age of the Informed Buyer

From casual browsing to thorough research, online exploration occurs well before customers meet a salesperson. More than ever, understanding one’s field is critical to sales success.

Business strategy gets graphic

As CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, Rich Horwath works with managers at companies such as FedEx, Google and L’Oreal to help them understand the importance of landing on a strategy that everyone in an organization understands and can work to achieve. Now, he has put those lessons into a graphic novel, “StrategyMan vs. The Anti-Strategy Squad.”

Focus hacks for multitaskers

In an article written a few years ago, Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes of all time, listed 10 rules for maximizing competitiveness. Unsurprisingly, focus was numero uno. In Jordan’s mind, nothing was more important than focus.
Without focus, nothing gets done.

A kick of kindness

Technology disrupts. It changes how we live. It changes how we work. For managers, it changes how they strategize.

B2B Emotional Sales Formula - Curiosity. Obsession. Fever. Action. Passion.

You may have fallen into sales and then into sales management. These five words can prevent burnout and power success.