Market Smarter in 2009

Here are strategic recommendations to achieve marketing success in 2009.

Millennials' Age of Anxiety

The world of worry for today's younger generations encompasses more than clothes and peer popularity.

Gauging the Value of Video Ads

Behavior models for media consumption are often as sloppy as an overdressed hamburger. The more online and mobile video content you load on top of the beefy fundamental base of linear TV, the harder it is to get a good grip on your burger.

Return to the Customer With CRM

Whether you call it an uncertain economy, a down economy, or a recession, one thing is definite: buyer behavior is quite a bit different from what it was a year ago. Both consumers and businesses are more cautious about how much they're spending and what they're spending on. They're no longer making luxury purchases and are scrutinizing every cost, as well as demanding a faster ROI.

BMW: Luxury Auto, Meet DRM

BMW is kicking the tires on a direct response campaign targeting luxury auto enthusiasts, turning to an often undervalued marketing platform as a means to entice Mercedes, Volvo and Audi drivers to come in for a test drive.

TNS: Ad Spending Sinks in Q3

The numbers are down about 15 percent.

The Sales Clinic: Why You're Not Converting Your Sales Inquiries

This will hardly come as a news flash, but over the last few months, lots of salespeople and business owners have seen the number of sales inquiries they normally receive drop off precipitously. Not so coincidentally, many companies now have non-salespeople performing sales activities. Whatever the impetus, the end result is sales activities getting passed on to other people.

The Sales Clinic: Why Buyers Lie To You (and What They Really Mean)

It’s astonishing how often salespeople and business owners are surprised to learn, after the fact, that the decision-maker they were talking to has lied to them. In many cases, the salesperson will then actually defend the buyer—saying things like, ‘Well, they’re just not ready to buy,” or “They have to see all the salespeople first and then make a decision.” What they often mean is, “I haven’t done my job properly.”

The Sales Clinic: Sales Lessons From An Art Fair

This month's article came from a sponsored art fair lunch I was invited to by my accountant. It was interesting as we went around the exhibition, interacting with the artists, curators, and exhibitors, how many lessons a salesperson or business owner could learn from their “sales” techniques—both good and bad.

The Sales Clinic: Why People Don't Buy From You

It's interesting to note how many sales opportunities salespeople or business owners miss out on—offers they likely could have won. Were they only to realize how much that lost business is worth over a 12-month period, no doubt they'd be quicker to do something about it.

The Sales Clinic: Sales Lessons from the Dubai Sevens

Rugby sevens is a variant of traditional rugby, and one of the sport's major international tournaments is the Dubai Sevens. But with Dubai itself hit hard by the global recession, this year's installment suffered accordingly. Nevertheless, there are various lessons to be learned from how the organizers dealt with the challenge.

The Sales Clinic: Learning from 2009's Sales Mistakes

2009 had some interesting lessons to impart in terms of sales and sales tactics—things we should all learn from whether we're a salesperson, sales manager, director, or business owner.

The Sales Clinic: Sell Like an Egyptian

What simple negotiation lessons can be learned from the Egyptian market traders?

The Sales Clinic: Four Ways to Lose Business at Exhibitions

Why do most small businesses struggle when it comes to getting business from exhibitions? Here are some simple tips on what to do that can make a huge difference.

The Sales Clinic: Why You Get So Many Objections On Price

As the market gets tougher, you're probably discovering people are objecting to your prices, and negotiating with you more than ever before. Are you well enough prepared to deal with that?