Twitter Teaches Businesses How to Tweet

Twitter is getting down to business

Yahoo Gets in the Coupon Game

Company adds couponing and bargain hunting to its online mix.

Twitter, Facebook Pinch-Hit During Gmail Outage

Experts recommend multiple "cloud computing" channels to reach customers.

eMarketer: Search Is Vital in a Recession

Search marketing is becoming the best customer acquisition tool in the online space.

Complete Recession Survival Guide for Engagement and Productivity Launched by ::i::Incentive ::/i::Magazine

<i>Incentive's Complete Survival Guide</i> presents the incentive industry with a powerful tool to combat the recessionary slump.

Hey Numbers Cruncher: Generating Analytic Value

Just like everyone else, analytics teams now must dig deeper into their bag of tricks to find more valuable nuggets in their data troves.

Six Sigma: A Framework for Your Perfect (Sales) Storm

The sad truth is, the ability of most companies today to consistently earn new customers is about as rare as a perfect storm.

Adrenalina Adds Pair for Retail Push

MDC Partners Hispanic marketing shop Adrenalina has added a pair of key staffers to help build its retail business and spur overall growth.

Online Commerce Starts to Slow

Recession takes its toll, but also provides opportunities.

Navigating FTC's Guidance on Social Media Marketing

Effective Dec. 1, the FTC will have new guidance in place for advertisers who make use of social media. What are the new rules?

Harnessing the Power of Community to Grow Your Business

If you have decided that harnessing the power of community interactivity on your site to engage with customers, prospects, partners, and everyone else who comes into contact with your company is the right path for you, you have taken an important first step. The next logical step is making sense of the social hubbub through your community&#x2014;a true extension of your Web presence designed to take you to social nirvana.

Please, for Your Audience's Sake, Use PowerPoint Animation Well

A disciplined use of PowerPoint animation can mean the difference between a dismal presentation and a successful one.

Postcard Marketing: Choosing the Right Company

If you've invested in postcard marketing in the past, it's almost guaranteed your postcards were not as effective as they could have been. Why? Because there are many direct-response marketing rules that most people, including postcard-printing companies, fail to follow.

Reassessing CRM: From Sales Rep Annoyance to Competitive Edge

As sales and marketing managers grapple with the task of ensuring their companies remain competitive during the economic downturn, many are frustrated by an age-old dilemma: how to track and manage the copious amounts of customer data required to improve sales performance, better segment prospects, effectively target the most profitable customers, and correlate leads to closed deals and customers.