4 Ways to Hack Your Growth With AI

Regardless of your organization’s size, stage or current position on the B2B playing field, the key to victory is knowing your strategy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest technological innovation that will give your team the edge. Here are four ways to hack your B2B growth with AI.

The sales incentive journey

We’ve all heard that “success is a journey, not a destination,” but whoever said this obviously never had to achieve annual goals and quarterly targets. Executives know the dire consequences of missed goals, new product failures, or losing share. These things get you thrown off the bus quickly, bringing your journey to a screeching halt. And yet, to arrive at a destination, you must make the journey.

Technically, I Graduated

Online courses - many of them free - make it easier than ever to get smarter on the job.

Why Being Stuck In the Office Over the Holidays Is a Lucky Break

It's a myth that all executives take vacation at the end of the year. Put down the cookies and start dialing for sales. OK, you can bring the cookies with you to the office.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Using Data Analytics to Inform the RFP Process Before it Even Begins

Many sales teams fail to realize how to harness the insights garnered from RFPs to inform future business decisions. Here’s how proposal and sales teams across industries can — and should — apply data analytics to their RFP processes.

Jack in the Inbox: 3 Ways AI Will Cure Modern Email Woes

The average salesperson fields 100-plus email messages a day, looking for the prospects who are ready to buy. Software equipped with artificial intelligence can sort through your inbox like a personal assistant.

Is Your Company Failing Enough Times to Succeed?

The notion that failure should be avoided at all costs is actually holding marketers back. Failed tests aren’t efforts to be circumvented but embraced, as they ultimately enable curiosity, development, and growth by allowing a company to take risks, drive deeper thinking, and outmaneuver the competition.

Quotes to consider when it comes to practice

Beatles: 10,000 hours of performing to be great – who has 10,000 hours and such talent?
Fighter Pilots: Can listen to combat instructions on the radio while they’re engaging an enemy plane in a dogfight while paying attention to the controls – who has that rare set of skills?
Vince Lombardi: "Only perfect practice makes perfect," – how can you practice perfectly in an imperfect world?

3 tips on practicing from the experts

Yogi Berra apparently said, “In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice, there is.” Whether or not Yogi actually said this, it sits well within his canon of malapropisms. More importantly, there’s a keen truth to the phrase: practice is about action, not theoretics.

Personalize Communications and Win High-Value Clients With Account-Based Marketing

If you’re implementing account-based marketing, you’re likely well aware that your success in attracting and converting your target accounts hinges on customizing your communications. There are, of course, tiers of customization required, depending on the size and importance of these accounts.

Lateral Thinking Can Increase the Value of Customer Conversations

If your reps are not having customer conversations that include critical thought, the chance of getting that person to do something different is slim. Lateral thinking can change the outcome of a sales call.

The Science of Motivation

If you are thinking of asking your sales reps what to use as incentives for hitting quarterly numbers next year, don't. They can't tell you because they don't know. Here's why and what you can do about it.

What You Should Know Before Opening a European Office

Fast-growing U.S. companies will likely need on-the-ground sales teams planted in foreign geographies to expand revenues and support overseas customers. Europe is a popular first stop for foreign expansion, but launching in Europe is a whole new ballgame compared to simply expanding at home.

Agreeing To Disagree May Work at the Thanksgiving Table, But Not in Business

Many families adopt an “agree to disagree” policy at Thanksgiving in an effort to keep discord off the festive table. That’s a good strategy for the holiday, but it's not an effective approach for companies to use when departments like sales and marketing can’t see eye to eye.

Out of Alignment: 4 Tips to Repair an Off-Kilter Brand

Too many business leaders make a similar mistake by neglecting the alignment between the external message of their brand and the internal office culture. The key to driving your brand onto a road of corporate success is getting your internal and external messages to share the same story.