4 Steps for Customer Experience Success

The conversation about who owns the customer experience is over and should be intertwined throughout the entire company, including customer care.

Surviving Q4: 5 Things Salespeople Should Do to Make Their Number

On average, about half of salespeople meet or exceed quota. Here are some thoughts about managing to each salesperson's number as they close the year and prepare for a new one.

5 Ways to Make Your Tradeshow Content Rock

The focus of tradeshow planning often is on logistics. Here are five pieces of advice to make content the real headliner at your next tradeshow for a rock-star performance.

5 tips for a successful sales kickoff meeting

There seems to be no end to the workshops, webinars and blog posts on how managers can better understand millennials in order to effectively recruit and retain this emerging workplace demographic. Tom Coburn, the founder and CEO of Jebbit, a digital marketing platform, offered these management tips for millennials in a recent guest post at Entrepreneur.com.

3 Ways Customer Data Can Increase Workplace Efficiency

Companies focus so much on the relationship between customers and data that they often ignore how smart data practices affect employees. More contextual knowledge lets employees do their jobs better, leading to happier employees and lower attrition rates, especially in industries famous for high burnout.

The Art of Failure

Silicon Valley startups teach us that failure is cool. Some even wear it as a badge of honor. So, why do we see failure so differently in the industrial world? Why can’t we view failure more like the software world? Freedom to fail is freedom to succeed.

9 Tips to Improve Your Business’s Meetings and Presentations

If the right amount of attention is implemented, your presentations can become much more efficient and really benefit your business in ways you never thought was possible. Here are nine ways to enhance your business meetings and presentations.

Practice what matters most

When it comes to practice, my mind reverberates with a few key quotes. Vince Lombardi, possibly the greatest coach in football history said, “Only perfect practice makes perfect.” But how can I practice perfectly in an imperfect world? His words, as profound as they are, have draped like an albatross around my neck for years. Perfection is difficult to see. Excellence is another story —  I can see my way to excellence. Perfection? Not so much.

Decide or defer: What Message Moves Executives To Buy Now?

A sales rep at a medical equipment company recently told me he lost a deal for an MRI machine, not to another MRI competitor, but to a “parking lot.”

The Gray Between the Green

A paycheck is what many think of most when they start a job and when they leave it. In between, there is a lot of gray area.
Salaries matter — sometimes too much. People stay in jobs they should have long since left because of a paycheck (and their bonuses as well). That doesn’t mean they’re motivated or even close to performing at peak levels.

10 Ways To Boost Your Sales Incentive Strategy

Great salespeople are crave recognition for their outstanding efforts. What do you need to do to ensure your program gets their attention and delivers the results you desire? Here are 10 of the most important elements in designing and deploying your next incentive campaign.

Products vs. Services: The Real Marketing Difference

The messaging used to attract audiences for products and services work the same way. Go beyond that, though, and you’ll see some important differences.

The quest for more purposeful meetings

Janet Sperstad, program director of Meeting and Event Management at Madison College in Wisconsin, has spent her career working toward more purposeful meetings. This fall, she released a white paper co-written with Amanda Cecil of Indiana University entitled, “Purposeful Meetings: How to Plan With Deeper Meaning, Innovation and Insight In Mind.” We talked with her about her findings.

3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’

Sales coaching is a catchall term that, if not effectively managed, won’t actually help even good salespeople get better at selling. Organizations that want to improve their sales teams while still cultivating a dynamic company environment need to move beyond sales coaching to embrace a more diversified and hands-on training platform.

This Is Not Your Father’s Marketing Plan, and That’s Good

Gone is the view that marketers are harbingers of brand only; now, they’re responsible for revenue, profits, growth, and the customer experience – a paradigm shift that calls for a newer, high-performance plan capable of addressing modern marketing holistically across awareness, acquisition and retention objectives.