It’s Time to Pay Marketers Based On Their Financial Impact

You know the old adage, “We all work for sales?” Well, if we all work for sales, then we should get paid like sales too.

3 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Isn't Generating More Leads (And How to Fix It)

More than 40 percent of salespeople claim that lead prospecting is often more difficult than qualifying and closing the actual deal. There’s no way for sales and marketing teams to develop additional leads without providing both positive and negative feedback to one another, emphasizing which types of leads work well and which ones lead to less fruitful relationships

Key B2B Sales Challenges for Supply Chain Companies

When products don’t move smoothly and seamlessly between manufacturer and end-user, they become exponentially harder to bring to market. The following four sales obstacles were identified as the most persistent and the most troubling for B2B companies across the supply chain.

3 Tips to Boost Customer Retention and Growth

You can increase your company's profits by 25 percent this year without even landing a single new customer. Three tips to get you started.

Using Predictive Analytics to Define the Leads That Matter

Predictive analytics can solve the three main challenges that sales teams face today: prioritizing which accounts to pursue, identifying the best communications channels to use and figuring out what to say.

4 new ways to engage your sales force

Is HR telling you your millennial sales reps don’t like their incentive plans? Are you really going to have a different incentive for the 26-year-old white female than the one for the 45-year-old Asian male?
Fact: Reps are complex and the psychological underpinnings that lead them to engage change over time and under different situations. Your salesforce is diverse, but...

You don’t reward generations

Google “Millennial generation” and you’ll get over 28 million hits. Business began thinking about Millennials long before they first entered the workforce around 2000. And with good reason, they are the largest, most diverse, highest-educated and arguably the most connected generation America has ever produced. Their impact on every aspect of every business, whether as customers, partners, employees or suppliers, will be monumental. Leaders ignoring this generation do so at their own peril.

Applying the 4-Drive Model

Kurt Nelson recently leveraged the 4-Drive Model with a global pharmaceutical firm that needed to revamp their sales incentive trips. The firm historically offered lavish trips to exotic destinations for top performers and their guests and usually included some senior executives to rub shoulders with. The trips were pure fun with virtually every imaginable expense covered by the company.

The curiosity consultant

General Electric executive Beth Comstock called Brad Grossman “human CliffsNotes.” Oscar-winning Hollywood producer Brian Grazer found Grossman to be literally irreplaceable as his “cultural attache.” Grossman founded and operates Zeitguide, a company that uses e-newsletters, custom publishing and one-on-one coaching to keep business executives up to speed on the topics they need to know to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

5 Simple Choices That the Best Sales Managers Make

You can choose to be a great sales manager just by making a few simple decisions that anyone in any organization can emulate. Here are five choices that great sales managers make.

How To Boost Client Retention – Without Customer Service or Account Reps

Retaining the best customers remains a challenge for sales and marketing professionals, leading to wasted time and money. Two solutions have helped my company, Stirista, achieve a 95 percent customer retention rate and should work for your business.

3 Ways Customer Data Can Increase Workplace Efficiency

Companies routinely use smart information to create opportunities for personalized engagement with customers. They can evaluate employee engagement the same way they evaluate customers.

3 Secrets to Setting Sales Meetings with the C-Suite

The prospects in the C-suites are busy and bombarded with sales messages. Here are three secrets from C-suiters themselves about how they like to be sold to.

Improve retention by breaking the sophomore/junior-year curse

The effects of sales rep attrition are especially painful and pronounced when the sophomore and junior-year “curse” strikes — that is, when reps leave voluntarily in years two and three. Let’s explore what that means and how to break the curse.

Why Fear Is Holding Back Your Sales Performance and Your Gut is the Answer

This sales thing violates a lot of psychology. We humans are fearful, sensitive creatures that fear the dark, the unknown and disappointing each other. When the voice is nagging at me or I'm fearful of something, it's probably something I really need to do.